Blue Collar Workers are Actually the Backbone of our Economy

Blue Collar Workers are Actually the Backbone of our Economy

Blue collar workers are so important to the success and growth of a country’s economy. But often, these jobs, and people, are overlooked. Blue collar jobs can be seen to be “dirty” and require limited skills to perform them. In some senses, yes, certain jobs are easier than others but, blue collar workers are hardworking […]

5 Celebrities Who Worked a Blue Collar Job

5 Celebrities Who Worked Blue Collar Job

We all know that celebrities lead lavish lifestyles, drive amazing cars and have a bank balance that looks like a phone number but, some of them didn’t start out wealthy. These celebrities often had to grind it out working a blue collar job and getting paid minimum wage. Let’s take a look at some of […]

How do I know my skills are still relevant in a changing labour market?


Who wants your skills? The number of people employed in an economy comes down to the balance between supply and demand within the labour market. How many people do businesses want to employ? How many people are actually able to service that business’ needs? In a changing economic environment and a move towards the fourth […]

Dismissing Employees Fairly in South Africa

Dismissing an Employee Fairly

Dismissing employees fairly is tricky, particularly in South Africa due employment being such a huge problem. More specifically, the lack of employment as the rate sits at 29.0%, the highest it has been in nearly 20 years. We wrote an article recently debating whether labour law is pushing employers to hire independent contractors but that is […]

Is South Africa’s Labour Law Pushing Employers Towards Hiring Independent Contractors?

labour law

Is Hiring too hard? Skepticism remains in South Africa’s labour market where the risks associated with employee contracts make businesses reluctant to hire. Labour law has continuously created uncertainty among employers, largely due to the difficulties with retrenching employees. With unemployment a ‘national crisis’, it is imperative we create a conducive landscape which removes the […]

Why a Referral Trumps Everything


Why is a referral so important? As a jobseeker, it is always important to show your credibility with respect to the job you are looking for. In order to be reassured and confident they are hiring the right person, employers need proof that you are the best candidate. A powerful referral can do just that. […]

ClockWorkers Get the Job Done

ClockWorkers Get the Job Done

The ClockWork Employer app is the place to find on-demand, reliable staff who get the job done! We are able to provide employers with local and vetted workers to fulfil their every need – from an experienced brick layer, to a general worker, to promotional staff.  We recently provided an events company, called Ilumin8, with […]

On-Demand Staffing Apps in South Africa

On-demand staffing app

South Africa is now coming to terms with the disruption of the on-demand model with local on platforms rivaling global ones. We have seen Bolt (previously Taxify) take on Uber, Mr D Food & OrderIn take on Uber Eats and HonestCare & Nunanny in the on-demand nanny space. With StatsSA’s announcement that South Africa’s unemployment […]

17 Questions to Ask your Interviewer

Ask your interviewer

Let’s face it, interviews are stressful. Your potential future boss grilling you for an hour isn’t exactly a pleasant experience. But what candidates often forget is that you are entitled to ask your interviewer questions as well. Not only does it take the heat off you for a few minutes and allows you time to […]

67 Job Seeking Tips on Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela

Madiba – The Legacy The late, great Nelson Mandela is a true South African legacy. As we celebrate his amazing life every year on 18th July, we think about solving our countries various challenges. One of his passions was always to ensure every South African had a right to education and work, which is why […]