ClockWork offer a diverse range of solutions which streamlines the journey for businesses in terms of finding, managing and paying their temporary staff.

Having conducted extensive research and interviewed a series of Event industry experts, we have identified the major pain points that the software can solve. So, no more staffing headaches, just smooth sailing. More importantly, there’s now more time for you to focus on the things that matter.

  1. Staff Scheduling – The calendar tool is a great way of displaying the events you have coming up. Furthermore, you can view which staff members you have allocated to roles, and decide if you need to bring new workers in on a once off basis.
  2. Choose the best – So, you have a premium event for a major client and you need to send your best staff. Using the previous data collected, ClockWork can show you exactly who your top performers are.
  3. Find the best – Are you going to need extra hands for the event? Use ClockWork’s instant recruitment package to source the most experienced and reliable workers. It’s completely free – there are no recruitment costs!
  4. Time Tracking – Worried about whether your staff will turn up on time? Use the QR technology to clock your staff in and out whilst at the event.
  5. Pay your staff – Upon job completion, cash handling can be a serious issue. Complete safe and secure payments using the ClockWork app any time after the job has finished.
  6. Track Performance – Hopefully, up until now, ClockWork has helped your event to go completely smoothly. However, you want to remember those workers who stood out from those who were slacking. Rate your staff on a series of metrics when the job has finished to ensure you know who to hire next time.
  7. Data Analytics – The Monday morning can be a nightmare reviewing everything that took place at the event. Use ClockWork’s web platform to analyse staff performance, payroll, and schedule your next event.