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5 Free Online Courses in Hospitality

5 Free Online Courses in Hospitality

5 Free Online Courses in Hospitality

With South Africa’s booming tourist industry, there are often plenty of employment opportunities when it comes to the hospitality sector. However, the job market is no doubt extremely competitive. Therefore, so it helps for you to get one over your fellow candidates. In this particular field, that is likely to come in the form of a hospitality qualification.

There is an abundance of free online courses out there in 2019 for you to enhance your employability. We have surfed the internet far and wide to showcase the best hospitality courses for you to take. As a result, we hope they will assist you with finding future employment.

  1. Oxford Home Study Centre




If you are interested in the Hotel Management side of hospitality, then Oxford Home Study Centre certainly has the course for you. Their online short course takes just 20 hours and has no entry requirements. You will learn the basics around hotel management and even be given a certificate of completion at the end.

  1. Alison



Alison’s Diploma in Hospitality Management is another great way to learn the basics when it comes to the field of hospitality. This course can be completed in just a couple of days as it only takes between 6 and 10 hours. Furthermore, pay close attention because you will need to take an assessment at the end. However, it will all be worth it when you receive your certificate of completion.

  1. AirBnB



Yes, you read it correctly. The hospitality tech giants have recently launched the AirBnB Africa Academy. This aims to train potential hosts who are interested in becoming involved in the tourist economy. Participants will walk away with knowledge on how to set themselves up on a successful journey with AirBnB. You can read more about the 2 day programme and how to apply on BizCommunity. 

  1. Brentwood Open Learning College



Brentwood Open Learning College offers a fantastic online short course in Hotel Management. The course is entry level, so it caters for any person with any level of experience within the field. The course duration is approximately 20 hours and has no entry requirements. Boasting some fantastic reviews, the course covers 3 main topics: Introduction to hotel, introduction to front of house and introduction to housekeeping.

  1. study.com



Our final choice for the best free online Hospitality course is through Study.com. Specifically, the hospitality and tourism management training course is a fantastic way for you to develop your knowledge in this sought after field. The lesson defines all aspects of the hospitality industry and explains different areas within the industry, its main focus, and factors that impact the industry. Even better, there is a quiz at the end of each module for you to test everything you’ve learnt!

We have presented a variety of free online hospitality courses that will significantly enhance your knowledge and employability. You can convert your educational credibility into employment by getting a job on the ClockWork App by registering here.

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