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5 Free Mobile Apps To Help You With Your Job Search

5 Free Mobile Apps To Help You With Your Job Search

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If you have access to a smartphone, it is a great way of enhancing your job search. As a result, ClockWork have searched far and wide in an attempt to identify 5 of the best mobile apps which will assist you when job hunting. Some of them will be well known, yet others you may not be familiar with. Try to use all of them to maximize your results.

Our Top 5 Mobile Apps

  1. LinkedIn

linked in.png

We wanted to exclude generic recruitment apps during the selection process. Yet, we just couldn’t ignore the ultimate app which nurtures your professional network. Connect with fellow jobseekers, recruiters and prospective employers on the move. Fellow the latest business and industry news, and hopefully land your dream job. Download the app here.

2. Rooster Mornings


Getting out of bed and feeling inspired can be make or break when heading out there to search for jobs. Are you sick of hearing a dreary monotone to shift you out of the sack in the AM? Rooster ask you #whywakeupaverage and provide you with a whole host of amazing wake up experiences, including celebrities which wake you up with inspirational quotes. Furthermore, you can wake up to voice notes from friends and family, which will set you up feeling fuelled to go ahead and master the job hunt! Download the app here.

3. Any.do


Don’t deny it, every single person forgets something on their to do list once in a while. When you’re busy with your job search, you don’t want tedious chores and tasks hanging over you. With any.do, you can keep your schedule on track with to-do lists, reminders, notes and the ability to share lists with and assign tasks to others. In addition, you can do more than you need on the free version, but there is also a premium version with advanced features. Download the app here.  

4. easyPDF to Word Converter


Managing your documents during your job search is absolutely essential. You’ll also find that throughout the journey, there will be some documents you want to edit but they are currently in the wrong format. With this simple app, all your problems will be solved. This is a necessity for anyone who takes administration seriously. Download the app here.

5. Microsoft Outlook


For when you get that exclusive email which offers you the job, you want to be on hand straight away. In 2017, receiving and replying to an email should be exactly the same as a WhatsApp. We’ve identified that Outlook is by far the easiest to navigate and use, allowing you to connect with people in no time. Download the app here.

Now you’re fully equipped with all the mobile resources to go out and find work. Good luck!

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