Ask your interviewer

17 Questions to Ask your Interviewer

Let’s face it, interviews are stressful. Your potential future boss grilling you for an hour isn’t exactly a pleasant experience. But what candidates often forget is that you are entitled to ask your interviewer questions as well. Not only does it take the heat off you for a few minutes and allows you time to […]

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Nelson Mandela

67 Job Seeking Tips on Mandela Day

Madiba – The Legacy The late, great Nelson Mandela is a true South African legacy. As we celebrate his amazing life every year on 18th July, we think about solving our countries various challenges. One of his passions was always to ensure every South African had a right to education and work, which is why […]

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blue collar

5 reasons ‘Blue Collar’ work is more fashionable than you think

Admittedly, there is something a bit glossier about dressing up in a suit and going to work everyday. However, South Africa’s skills shortage lies in blue collar industries such as construction, landscaping, manufacturing, and other artisanal professions. ClockWork focuses on providing you with blue collar employment. You might want to do this part time to […]

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Which formal sectors have the most employees in South Africa?

    Looking at the biggest industries in terms of monetary value doesn’t always pain the right picture in terms of the employment it generates. In South Africa, where employment opportunities are slim it may be worth spending your time looking at formal sector industries which employ the most. Here they are:     The […]

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ClockWork’s Top Interview Tips

Focus on these top interview tips to make sure you smash your next interview! They might sound simple, but so many people forget them. Make sure you arrive to your interview at least 15 minutes early Look smart and presentable – an ironed shirt goes a long way Shake the interviewer’s hand firmly, make eye […]

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hiring the best event staff

5 Tips to Hire the Best Event Staff

Events is a very general term and can include a simple book launch in your local bookstore all the way through to a gala dinner to honour the president. While many event planners are so busy organising the content for the event, often the staff are an afterthought. Staff can make or break an event, […]

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