How To Source Your Job Seeking Documents

Seeking the documents you need to get a job can be difficult. However, to increase your chances of finding work, you need to be able to supply what the employer needs. See this full manual and refer to it to find out about sourcing absolutely any document you need to get a job. ID Obtaining […]

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Five reasons the Traditional 9-5 is not yet dead

Every ‘disruptive’ article over the past few years has thrown curveballs at the traditional 9-5 shift. Many have suggested the Gig or Freelance economy will mean a more flexible working day becomes the norm. However, a recent poll suggested that out of four options, over 50% said they still preferred the 9 to 5. So, […]

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Rich CEOs of South Africa

How much do the richest CEO’s earn in SA

The inequality of pay in South Africa is well documented. As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, no one seems to be willing to make a concerted effort to close the wage gap. The richest CEO’s in South Africa earn the average wage of you and me in 7.3 hours. That is […]

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Study and Work

How to study while you work

Ok, you have a decision to make. You need to go out there and get a job to pay the rent, but you’re struggling to find work because you don’t have the right qualifications. You want to study but you don’t have time as you need to work and you have a family to cater […]

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How to get a job in Sport

For many of us it’s a passion and a hobby, but for others it’s a career. Job Seekers Wednesday looks at the variety of different ways you can turn your love for sport into a glorious living. Become a Coach Ok, you may have dreamt of playing professional sport as a child, but in reality, […]

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E.M.P.L.O.Y.A.B.L.E Acronym

EMPLOYABLE: Top Tips to Enhance your CV

Arguably the most difficult task when searching for a job is standing out from the hundreds of others who are doing the same thing. The best way to make sure you bag your place to the interview stage is to make sure you have a great CV. You’ve probably seen loads of tips on the […]

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South African Gig Economy

How South Africans can take advantage of the Gig Economy

According to a report from Small Biz Trends, 54 million Americans worked as a freelancer at some point during 2015. They go on to say that 50% of UK’s workforce will be independent contractors within the next five years. This is a trend not only seen in large economic hubs, as India has the second […]

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learn to code

Learning to Code using the 3/3 Rule

The world of technology demands a different skills set compared to the one required prior to the internet century. Many jobseekers are discovering a reason for their difficulty of finding work. This is that a mismatch occurs between the skills they have and they skills their employer wants. The #jobseekerswednesday Twitter handle posts an abundance of […]

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R12K a Month as a Student!

Earning some decent amounts of cash while as a student has always been seen as impossible or at least at the detriment of ones studies. Well that was until #JSW caught up with Wezi, a guy who managed to earn R12k A MONTH while studying! Here is our interview with him…   Q: What did you […]

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