Reduce Staffing Costs

How to decrease Staffing Costs: 5 Solutions for your Business

For any company, finding ways to reduce costs is paramount to company growth. Specifically for labour intensive industries, an emphasis is put on shredding staffing costs. Generically speaking, one might shout back the simple answer which includes the word ‘cutbacks’. However, for your business, that may just not be feasible. So you need the hands, but […]

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Workplace Performance: How to make it a Social Currency

The Power of the Social Being In previous articles we’ve emphasised the impact of big data and increased productivity on improving your workplace. Furthermore, it has been explained how this increases company turnover. However, for many companies, labour is their biggest asset. Therefore, we’ve decided to put the focus towards the people on the ground. Let’s […]

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Top 5 unique ways to reward your team

In a previous blog post we explained how to increase employee productivity, now we are specifically talking about point 4 from that article: How to incentivise and reward your team. Here are the top 5 ways:   1. Gamify, with incentives. Make work a game by tracking hours worked or performance on certain tasks. Furthermore, devise […]

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Labour productivity

Top 6 Ways to Increase Labour Productivity in 2019

Labour productivity is a hot topic at the moment. Companies are experimenting with 4 day work weeks and allowing employees to work remotely. So how do you increase productivity? Have a look below. 1. Match the right Jobs to Skills The mark of an excellent manager is knowing your labour employees’ skills and behavioural styles. […]

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Workforce data

Q&A with ClockWork CEO | How to Utilise your Workforce Data

Data Drives Better Decisions Many managers often struggle to pinpoint factors that allow them to move further towards company success. They will often rewrite a strategy, focusing on new product development or at improving other marketing methods. However, one of factors they often turn a blind eye to is whether they are getting the most out […]

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Reviewing Staff: Is it the key to increasing productivity?

Reward the Productive Pupil Productivity has different meanings. I was asked a question when I attended primary school. It was simply “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I answered with absolute surety that I was going to be a scientist (so I could turn into Spiderman but that’s beside the point) and […]

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